So you’ve spotted one of our wanted posters in your town? Well, while there isn’t a cash reward, we can give you something much more valuable: the chance to watch the TV show Wynonna Earp for the first time!

  1. Watch Wynonna Earp: the first three seasons are on Netflix and then you can catch season 4 when it airs on in the U.S. on Syfy on Friday nights at 10:00 pm ET starting on March 5th (you will not regret it!)
  2. Post to your favorite social media platform a photo of the Wanted photo you saw with the hashtags #WynonnaEarp #WynonnaWanted (please include the city/state/country you saw the poster so we can track where #WynonnaWanted has been spotted!)

Thank you and have an Earptastic day!! is part of an effort to save a beloved TV show called Wynonna Earp.
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